Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project


Adicionado em 12 September 2008
por João Fernandes


Física, CFQ, Astronomia

Palavras-chave: cfq astros astronomia física química

Tipo: Applet interactivo


The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project site provides high quality simulators dealing important astronomical and astrophysical phenomena. We have plans to develop 19 such simulators. The simulators are accompanied by extensive supporting materials for both the student and instructor including assessment. Although there are certainly many valuable resources on this site, NAAP is still very much a work in progress.

NAAP materials are designed to be sufficiently flexible that they can be used in a wide variety of educational settings: computerized laboratories, homework assignments, or classroom demonstrations. Each Animation is accompanied by background material necessary to understand the simulator making the NAAP site completely self-contained.

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