Science Education in Europe: Critical Reflections

Why study science? To quote the authors of this report: “Science is an important component of our European cultural heritage. It provides the most important explanations we have of the material world. In addition, some understanding of the practices and processes of science is essential to engage with many of the issues confronting contemporary society.” Yet in recent times fewer young people seem to be interested in science and technical subjects. Why is this? Does the problem lie in wider socio-cultural changes, and the ways in which young people in developed countries now live and wish to shape their lives? Or is it due to failings within science education itself? In order to explore these questions the Nuffield Foundation convened two seminars involving science educators from nine European countries. The seminars investigated the extent to which the issues were common across Europe, the similarities and differences between countries, and some attempted solutions and remedies.

Autor(es): Jonathan Osborne, Justin Dillon (2008)
Editor: Nuffield Foundation
Tipo: Relatório
Palavras-chave: educação ciências recomendações políticas

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