Science Education Now: A renewed pedagogy for the future of Europe

Since the origins of the declining interest among young people for science studies are found largely in the way science is taught in schools, this will be the main focus. In this context, whereas the science education community mostly agrees that pedagogical prac-tices based on inquiry-based methods are more effective, the reality of classroom practice is that in the majority of European countries, these methods are simply not being implemented.  The current initiatives in Europe actively pursuing the renewal of science education through in-quiry based methods show great promise but are not of the scale to bring about substantial impact, and are not able to exploit fully the potential European level support for dissemination and integration. 

Autor(es): High Level Group on Science EducationMichel Rocard (Chair), Peter Csermely, Doris Jorde, Dieter Lenzen, Harriet Walberg-Henriksson, Valerie Hemmo (2007)
Editor: European CommissionDirectorate-General for ResearchInformation and Communication Unit
Tipo: Relatório
Palavras-chave: Ciência, Europa, pedagogia, investigação,

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